About ReferCare

An intelligent business partner for specialists.

ReferCare is providing specialists with business support and resources to grow thriving, profitable practices.
What We Do
01. Business Operations
Let ReferCare to handle busywork so you can focus on patients. Get expert support that helps you do your job faster.
02. Clinical Resources
Use industry-leading technology and equipment to treat patients. Stay up to date on CE and credentialing requirements.
03. Career Development
Develop your career with opportunities that you can't find anywhere else. Get exclusive access to events, speaking opportunities and more.

“ReferCare is truly a partner to my practice”

Eric White is partnering with ReferCare to simplify his practice.


Year founded.


Employee retention rate.


of our users have been here for 4 years.


VC funds raised.

High Security

ReferCare uses enterprise-grade encryption to protect information and maintain HIPAA compliance. We verify your systems so you don't have to worry about hackers and scammers.

Searchable Data

Keep records of all messages, files, and data you share and search through them anytime you want. Never lose another referral form or report.

We're committed to helping specialists work on their own terms and build long-term wealth from their practices.

Matt Joseph • CEO at ReferCare

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