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The Business Partner for Specialists.

We manage the business side of dental practice so you can focus on treating patients.

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For Specialists
A simpler way to do business.

ReferCare helps specialists with everything from HR and IT support to equipment procurement. All non-clinical practice functions are covered.


“A must-have for specialists”

Nick Palacios turned to ReferCare to manage his practice's business.
HR and Payroll
Hire staff, provide salary & benefits, and pay taxes automatically.
IT Support
Get help with your hardware and software systems including your EMR.
Front and Back Office
Handle legal, accounting, and administrative issues without headaches.
Billing and Collections
Collect payment from payers, patients, and anyone else who owes you money.
Marketing Services
Build your reputation online and make connections with referring dentists.
Vendor Management
Manage all your vendors, get better rates, and repair things quickly when they break.

We created ReferCare to help specialists save time on busywork and spend more time with patients. It's a service for specialists by specialists."

Dr. Mohamed Saber
Endodontist, Co-Founder

ReferCare is onto something special. It connects everything so you save a lot of time on paperwork and phone calls.

Dr. Ann Marie Reynolds

My favorite part about ReferCare is that they're so thoughtful about our practice. Their support is very responsive.

Carmen Wu
Dental Assistant
Key Benefits
Business services that help you treat patients.
Built-In Organization
ReferCare automatically organizes your practice's business so you can focus on patients.
On-Demand Support
Get help whenever you need it so your practice and patients are protected regardless of the circumstance.
An Intelligent Dental Support Organization

Designed to make treating patients easier.

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